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iMagick is Designed to be friendly and easy to use. You can focus on the photo shoots and on getting more assignments, while we take care of the post-production editing. 
We process photos nearly instantly at a very competitive rate and at a consistent style that you select. If needed, we can also learn your specific editing flair.

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About Us

WeSnapp was established by a team of photography lovers, visual imaging and AI experts. 

We are passionate about leveraging technology to enable the best possible image that reflects each photographer’s vision.  We maximize the results of any camera. 
With WeSnapp photographers can deliver photos faster, improve client satisfaction… and expedite their compensation.. 

About The Tech

WeSnapp’s technology is closing the gap between digital imaging and the human eye, while enabling each photographer unique desired editing style for any image.

Our proprietary in-house developed know-how has been leveraging advanced AI and ML technologies. In this process of ever improving outcomes, millions of photos for each market segment have been dissected and analyzed. 

As a result, each photo element and pixel automatically obtain proper luminance and color editing that replace the labor-intensive manual work. We keep expanding our development process.

We are environmentally conscious and thus achieve CPU efficiencies that also contribute to our competitiveness.


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Using our platform, you save time, money and deliver the images much faster to your customers.

Our Services

WeSnapp is photographers’ extra specialized editing hands that never get tired or unfocused. We propel your growth by eliminating capacity constraints, maintaining consistent high quality and the distinctiveness of your images.

Imagick supports

Current solutions for professional photographers are available for the following segments:

For each photo we will perform

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$ 3
  • Edit 10 photos
  • Use any time


$ 49
  • Edit 500 photos
  • Use any time​


$ 175
  • Edit 2,000 photos
  • Use any time​


$ 399
  • Edit 5,000 photos
  • Use any time​

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