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As an on-demand professional photography marketplace, WeSnapp absorbs all of your operational and marketing overhead to allow you to focus on doing what you do best – taking amazing photos. Our system will send you automatically assignments at times that best suit you. All you need to do is complete the shoot, submit the RAW Images, and get paid.

We connect you to interested paying clients

We provide the assignments so you can focus on taking pictures, not building a business.

Generate freelance income on your schedule.

Photo session times are flexible & if you can’t make it, we’ll reach out again next time.

Locations are assigned in your neighborhood.

Your home area is where we assign photo shoots, so you don’t have to haul gear and travel far.

An AI editor processes the finished images.

Focus on your creativity & don’t get weighed down by stressful editing deadlines and demands.

Join our community of professional photographers producing high quality images, when you’re available in your neighborhood. Leveraging our network of top-tier clients, we connect talented creatives like you to customers in need of exceptional images.

How does it work?

Focus on the session, WeSnapp takes care of the rest

1. Information

Submit your information and we’ll review your qualifications, equipment, and experience.

2. Shooting Test
Complete a brief test photoshoot using our guidelines to evaluate your skills, and inform you of our required process.
3. Approval

Once accepted, we’ll send your first assignment location, shot list, client requests, available times & budget.

4. Start To shoot & get paid
Complete Photoshoot & get paid. We simplified the process so you can focus and not worry about the editing or deadlines.

Video and Still photographer

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Let us know if you have any questions about our photographers, how we capture spaces, and the AI-enhanced editing process.

After filling out a short questionnaire with the photo shoot requirements, location, and approximate budget – WeSnapp will reply with an estimate. The cost of the photo session will depend on the property type, location size, and available times. Once the budget is approved, the photo shoot is assigned and a date is confirmed.

WeSnapp photographers are experienced professionals who are selected for their expertise in efficiently photographing real estate listings. Your assignment description helps our photographers understand how to prioritize for the best photo session in a brief time window.

Photo session duration will depend on the size of the listing, or additional details required by the assignment. A small apartment requires approximately 1 hour. A large private property may require several hours.

Image post-processing time will depend on the size of the listing and the number of finished images required by the assignment. Our AI optimized process expedites the editing time, allowing us to deliver your completed project in shortened timelines.

WeSnapp offers packages of 12, 22, and 32 finished images.